Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summer Challenge: What is the Purpose of Education?

Every year I encounter students who are willing and eager to question the motives behind the educational system. Although most students, by the time they reach high school, are already numb to the patterns and methods of the system, there are still some kids who are inquisitive enough to look for meaning in their classes.

It is for all of these students, and the students who have numbed to the idea of education as beneficial for their minds, that I propose the following challenge. We, as teachers in the classroom, have the sole capability of transforming the educational experience of all future students. The most important question one can ask themselves, whether a parent, teacher, administrator, or student is: What is the purpose of education? I would like to challenge all who read this post, teachers and parents alike, to answer this question. It is from this question that all educational reform must begin. There are no band aids; we must start from the root of the idea.


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