Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Letter From A High School Senior

I received this letter from an incoming senior, Roland Pilinyi, in response to the Vamos A Cuba editorial below. With the Roland's permission, I have posted his thoughts.

In the wake of the school board's decision to ban yet another book, we are left with an unsoiled mirror in which to look at our ever-corroding society.

The fundamental reason why books are banned is simple: a suppression of ideas or parallax. We can deduce then that the school system is breeding like-mindedness that better suits the masses goals. They are molded into their ideal cogs, ones that are more efficient, thus, providing more for the ones on top. Is this what we want from knowledge? Do we want to be diluted to mere labor, to be put in a centrifuge and have our "unnecessary" parts flung out? If not, then our acceptance of such things is in direct opposition to our self; consequently, they are self-destructive. For is knowledge such a thing that makes us grow and understand ourselves, not what is being done, for the most part, by the school system.

Societies that have banned many books, or ideas, have mostly been totalitarian regimes. These societies are ones that deprive man his own opinions, knowledge that has been reviewed by ones morals, and implant their own ideology to suffice the void. Is that what this society wants for itself? For it is this road that leads to such a place.

When reading, or speaking to someone, people use their own reasoning to obtain information, and their view on reality is then clearer. When reading a book, be it "Mein Kompf", the "Bible", or "Green Eggs And Ham", it is through reason that we obtain the opinions that we have. But if all one is acquainted with is death, than death is their only reality. It is through reading all kinds of books that we get a clearer picture of the reality we are living (for reality is not just death, there are taxes as well).

If one went to college and gained an education, they should know the fatal mistake of repressing ideas. Such then makes one issue the simple inquiry of "Who then is teaching our progeny?" The school board, not the books, should be banned; for they breed people that find books, thus thinking, bad.


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