Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jeb puts seal on a massive education-reform package

Here are some excerpts from article in today's Herald. Read the full article here.

Florida students will soon be required to choose majors in high school, and middle school students will begin planning for college and careers, according to a massive education packagesigned by Gov. Jeb Bush in Davie Monday.

''We recognize that students are not the same, they have different aspirations, different interests,'' Bush said in a speech at McFatter Technical High School in Davie, calling the bill ``the most significant piece of legislation this year, other than the budget.''

The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Ralph Arza, a Hialeah Republican, increases the number of required core courses middle-schoolers must complete before advancing to high school and establishes permanent funding for intensive reading courses for middle and high school students.

The bill also creates research and career-oriented academies within schools.
High school students must still pass core courses, as well as take four elective courses in their major.

A student could major in a traditionally academic subject such as biology or literature, or choose a career-oriented specialty, such as nursing.

Students would have four remaining elective courses.


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