Monday, June 19, 2006

Candidates Focus on FCAT

The Miami Herald gives a snippet of the candidates opposing positions on FCAT.

"Republicans Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher say they would uphold Bush's education legacy -- arguing that the A+ plan has forced schools to buckle down on student achievement -- while Davis and Smith pledge to dismantle it."

"The two Democrats say that drilling for the FCAT has corrupted the more important goal of giving children a well-rounded education. At the same time, the Democrats insist that they would still hold students and teachers responsible for learning progress."

Regardless of your position on the FCAT, regardless of whether you believe high stakes testing is detrimental to a well rounded education, regardless of whether you believe that the result of the FCAT pressures is teachers teaching only to a test, regardless of whether you believe that the results of the FCAT only lead to the devaluation of all major subject areas, we must all come to believe that labeling entire schools with letter grades is a shameful tactic used by politicians to influence public opinion.

It has become clear that the FCAT test and all of the threats that come along with it still cannot turn a failing student population into a successful one, and a successful student population cannot, sadly, be made more successful under the limitations that this test provides.


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