Saturday, August 06, 2005

School Staff Drug Ring Broken

Re: The Miami Herald's story of the five school bus drivers, 13 bus aides, two custodians, one cook and one school cashier that were arrested on charges of illegally purchasing and then reselling the highly addictive painkiller Oxycontin. "Acosta said the suspects' proximity to children was troubling and prompted federal, state and local authorities to move in before the new school year begins." First, I'd like to commend local authorities for making these arrests and working to protect the nation's children. Unfortunately, these are very difficult times for public schools, and these types of criminal wrongdoings only serve to further reinforce the negative stereotypes that shroud our cities' public education system. The headline itself, "School Staff...," is enough to indict an entire population of otherwise hardworking, valuable professionals. Let's try to keep this in perspective, however. These are the acts of a few individuals. We must look only to the criminals for explanations, we must shine revealing light on the few who lack values and morals, and we must remember that the actions of one do not reflect the actions of many. If a football player commits a crime, it does not mean all football players are criminals. We must place responsibility in the hands of only those responsible.


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