Monday, August 01, 2005

Herald Supports Autonomy for Schools' Watchdog

In the Monday, August 1 st editorial, "Schools' Watchdog Needs Autonomy," the Miami Herald "wholeheartedly supports the Miami Dade Grand Jury's recommendations" that the Office of the Inspector General be given more funding and freedon to investigate "without fear of retribution from the very people it might have to investigate: the board and the administration."

According to the editorial, former FBI agent Herbert Cousins, the current Inspector General, mandates that his office is to "conduct reviews and audits of district business and investigate complaints from the Ethics Advisory Committee, Office of Management and Complaint Audits and whistle-blowers." In order for this to work successfully, the auditor and the attorney must report directly to Mr. Cousins, not the school board. The Herald opinion is that an independent inspector general can keep the school district from repeating the financial corruptions of the past.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bealive it is true that a student cannot achieve without first going through adversity. My view of humans is that we do our best work when we struggle not when the silver spoon is handed to us. The parents want to much of a system that is perfect in the sense that sucess is attained if asked for. My question is what happens to the student when they are faced with adversity in thier adulthood? They continue to be insecure about themselves and learn nothing. When they become a part of society they will be dependent on "giveaways" and except the situation that thier in. Thats were i bealive that the system we have does not work. The school system rather stay ignorant to whats really going on.
So what do you propose as a system of grading, your system. You may have discovered that your system works but what about other teachers that have sucess with thier own method of teaching? What about different subjects , dont different subjects require a different criteria for grading?

5:21 PM  
Blogger dsgolburgh said...

Absolutely. There are many different ways to achieve the same successes. The one constant that must always exist, however, is the belief that children of all ages welcome challenges and will strive to overcome them if given a fair opportunity.

8:57 PM  

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